Truffle bath melts



As we do every year, a few weeks ago we began wondering what recipe to offer you for Valentine’s Day. We quickly concluded that love, in all its forms, should be celebrated every single day of the year with the same enthusiasm.

All of the recipes in this blog can be used to make gifts for either yourself or the people close to you, and this recipe is no exception: today you can offer a bath treat to that special someone who makes you feel good. A moment of relaxation for your best friend – you know, the one who is always there during tough times and ready to participate in your craziest adventures. A “me-time” break for that family member who insists you can achieve anything you set your mind to and is always there to support you. Or a reward for your greatest ally: you!


Basic recipe


Additions depending on your chosen recipe:

A few petals
Vegetable oil
9 g
Cleopatra’s secret Rose Sweet almond
Coco & Calendula Calendula Extra-virgin coconut
Lavender honey Lavender Hazelnut
Apple pie Chamomile Apricot kernel 10 g apple spice aromatic essence



  • 1 double boiler large enough to hold all ingredients
  • 3 containers for dry ingredients
  • 1 ramekin to weigh essential oils/aromatic essences
  • 1 silicone ice cube tray (regular or fancy)


Steps to follow

1. Weigh butters and oils and melt slowly in the double boiler.

2. Meanwhile, weigh dry ingredients in separate containers.

3. Weigh aromatic essences or essential oils in a ramekin.

4. Once the butters have melted, remove from heat and add the fragrance blend. Stir well.

5. Add, in this order, the baking soda, corn starch, colloidal oatmeal, and citric acid. Before adding each new ingredient, mix with the spatula to make sure everything is well blended, making sure not to overdo it. The paste should have the texture of moist, lumpy cookie dough.


6. Place a pinch of flowers in the bottom of each mold before spooning in the paste. Press gently with your fingers to pack it down.


7. Leave overnight to harden before unmolding.

8. 8 If the mixture doesn’t unmold well, place it in the freezer for twenty minutes before trying again.


Fill the tub and toss in a truffle. Breathe deeply and relax. Candles and a good book are always great additions ;)


Truffle bath melts — 4 Comments

  1. Est-ce qu’on pourrait remplacer l’avoine colloidale par la même quantité d’argile ? Cela pourrait ajouter de la couleur en plus des bienfaits pour la peau.

    • Bonjour Carole,

      Nous ne l’avons pas testé, mais théoriquement, cela devrait fonctionner. La texture sera probablement différente de notre recette, et il se peut que le remplacement ne s’effectue pas à part égale (il est possible que vous deviez ajouter un peu plus ou un peu moins d’argile). Si vous en faite l’essai, n’hésitez pas à nous partager vos résultats !

      Bonne journée,

  2. Les ingrédients de cette recette ressemblent beaucoup aux ingredients des bombes de bain, est-ce les truffles pétillent dans l’eau ? Merci

    • Bonjour Lise,

      Oui les truffes pétilles. Mais comme le mélange pétillant est emprisonné dans un mélange de beurres végétaux qui fondent lentement, le pétillement se faire plus lentement qu’avec une bombe de bain. La différence entre les deux recettes est la proportions des ingrédients ; les truffes contiennent une plus grande proportion de gras, elles ne doivent donc pas être trop grosses pour ne pas huiler excessivement le bain.

      Bonne journée,

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