Three tricks for making a white vegetable-based soap

Comment faire un savon blanc

Coop Coco reveals our team’s tips and tricks for achieving a white soap. You’d like to make a white soap but don’t know how? You’ve tried, and despite your best efforts, it never has that pretty light hue you’re looking … Continue reading

Salted herb soap

SAvon aux herbes salées - Salted herb soap

The groundhog says spring will soon be here, and at Coop Coco, we’re totally on board! We can’t wait to fill our flower boxes with colourful blooms and fresh herbs, so we decided to make our March soap of the … Continue reading

Truffle bath melts

Truffes de bain fondantes - Truffle bath melts

As we do every year, a few weeks ago we began wondering what recipe to offer you for Valentine’s Day. We quickly concluded that love, in all its forms, should be celebrated every single day of the year with the … Continue reading

The secrets of clay

Les secrets des argiles / The secrets of clay

Since the dawn of time, clay has played a key role in the development of various civilizations. It has been used in countless important ways such as to make mortar, tiles, ceramics, and porcelain. Industrially, it is used to filter, … Continue reading

Geranium, tangerine, and lavender soap

Savon géranium tangerine lavande / Geranium, tangerine, and lavender soap

A favourite of “budding” gardeners, geraniums add bright splashes of colour to gardens and balconies everywhere. Their sweet rose-like fragrance harmonizes well with orange and lavender, a synergy that inspired us to create this fresh floral soap. What better way … Continue reading