“Hold on to your hat!” detangling milk



The arrival of fall means digging out hats and gloves and curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate! While some dread the loss of summer sunshine, others welcome the crisp autumn days with open arms. But whether you hate leaving home or can’t wait to jump into those piles of dead leaves, we have a suggestion for you: hold on to your hat! You’ll need it to stay warm.

Of course it’s no fun pulling off your toque when you come in out of the cold. With static electricity making your hair stand on end and cling to your face while your friends laugh at your scarecrow appearance, you might find yourself looking for a place to hide!

That’s why we decided to see what we could do with our wonderful new product, sucragel. We came up with a milk that can be used to detangle your hair and reduce static electricity! It will even moisturize your hair and help you shape your curls!

Maybe eliminating this annoying little problem will help you enjoy fall just a bit more! ;)


Aqueous phase


Oil phase






Good to know!

  • For very dry hair, you can replace the hazelnut oil with apricot kernel oil or argan oil.
  • If you wish to use other essential oils, remember that ylang-ylang essential oil is particularly good for your hair.
  • If you’re mainly interested in scenting your hair, you can use different essential oils or your choice of aromatic essences.
  • The hydrosol can be replaced by a different one or by demineralized water
  • Of course, if you change the ingredients, your product will likely be different from ours.


Steps to follow

For aqueous phase

1. In the 250 ml. bowl, weigh the hot water. Dissolve the ultra geogard in the water.

2. Add the camomile hydrosol to the water.

3. In a small ramekin, mix the xanthan gum with the glycerin.

4. Pour this mixture into the water + hydrosol mixture.

5. Using the mini-mixer with the froth attachment, mix the aqueous phase with the gum and leave it to thicken for a few minutes.

6. Once it has thickened, mix it again.

For the oil phase

In the deep container, mix the sucragel, jojoba oil, and hazelnut oil.

Make the emulsion

1. Pour the aqueous phase into the oil phase, whipping manually.

2. With the immersion blender, mix for about 2 minutes.

3. Add the essential oils and mix again for 1 minute.

4. Pour into the cosmo bottle and label.


Spray lightly on wet or dry hair. Brush and style.

Knitted treasures

The gorgeous toques in these photos were made by Ficelle.


“Hold on to your hat!” detangling milk — 4 Comments

  1. Je suis franchement très satisfaite de cette recette. J’ai juste décidé de ne pas rajouter de glycérine vu que le gélisucre en contient déjà pas mal. J’étais décidée à renoncer au gélisucre après une précédente expérience fastidieuse (préparation du gel huileux), mais je crois que j’ai trouvé excellente occasion pour finir mon pot et une bonne raison d’en racheter.
    Merci Coop Coco!

    • Bonjour Lyly,

      Il est difficile de déterminer la durée de conservation de ce genre de produit, car elle dépend de la propreté des équipements, de la minutie dont on fait preuve lors de sa fabrication, de la fraîcheur des matières premières…
      Nous avons remarqué que le produit peut se déphaser après quelques mois, mais cela ne nous indique rien sur sa conservation. La recette se gardera jusqu’à quelques mois, mais nous ne pouvons spécifier le délai exacte, car il dépend en grande partie de facteurs que nous ne pouvons contrôler.

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