• What are hydrosols
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    Everything you need to know about hydrosols

    Wanting to know more about hydrosols? Hydrosols are amazing products with many benefits. They can be used alone as part of your beauty routine, and they can also be incorporated into recipes for creams, shampoo, eyeliner, and more. Hydrosols—also called floral waters, essential waters, or herbal distillates—have been around for a long time. As far back as Ancient Egypt, they were used for their skin benefits and properties. It’s said that Cleopatra was particularly fond of rose hydrosol! We get a lot of questions about them: how to use hydrosols, how they’re made, what their benefits are… So we decided to dedicate a special feature just to hydrosols. Now you…

  • spray naturel contre les moustiques
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    You’ll love our natural mosquito spray!

    The mosquitoes won’t love you anymore with “Bugs Be Gone” spray This bug spray is the mosquito’s nemesis. It’s very practical, as it can be misted over skin, clothes, or hair. We came up with two versions—the more concentrated is designed for adults (12.8% essential oil) and the less concentrated (8.5%) is designed for children ages 3 and up—so you can make natural bug sprays for the whole family! Don’t hesitate to take it with you everywhere you go. As you’ll see, this homemade bug spray will become a must for summer. How to make a mosquito-repellent spray? Ingredients Ingredients Adult version Kid’s version (ages 3 and up or for…

  • How to make a clay mask
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    How to make clay masks?

    A clay mask can be as simple as this: 1. Mix a tablespoon of clay with enough water to make a smooth, creamy paste. 2. Apply a thick layer of this clay paste to your face. 3. Leave the clay on your face for five to ten minutes, spritzing occasionally with water or a hydrosol. 4. Make sure the mask doesn’t dry completely; not only does the clay not release beneficial minerals when it is dry, but it also starts to draw out moisture from the skin. 5. Rinse and finish rinsing with cold water. 6. Moisturize your skin with your favourite cream or lotion. You can also replace water…