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    Salted herb soap

    How to make soap with salt? The groundhog says spring will soon be here, and at Coop Coco, we’re totally on board! We can’t wait to fill our flower boxes with colourful blooms and fresh herbs, so we decided to make our March soap of the month with both herbs… and salt! Reminiscent of the famous salted herbs originating in Quebec’s Lower Saint-Lawrence region, this fresh, exfoliating soap is great for normal or oily skin. It lathers well and cleans deeply. Use it to wash your hands or body, and let its tangy scent of fresh herbs awaken your senses! Before you begin This recipe is calculated based on the…

  • homemade refreshing mints
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    Refreshing “Tip of the iceberg” mints

    How to make refreshing mints? Who doesn’t love those refreshing little mints that hide the fact that you’ve AGAIN drunk one too many cups of coffee? And haven’t you ever bought one of those cute little tins that may be a bit pricey but you just couldn’t resist? So here’s an idea: why not refill that tin with your own homemade mints? What follows is an easy recipe using xylitol, a sweetener derived from birch, to make candies that both your teeth and your taste buds will love! Before you begin Be careful to avoid burns! You’ll be handling sugar that has reached a temperature of almost 175° C. Xylitol…

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    Soothing after-sun lotion (No need to call the fire department!)

    How to make after sun lotion? After a long, cold winter, when the first glorious rays of sun begin to boost our spirits, we can’t wait to start soaking them up. We forget to slather on the sunscreen and, before we know it, we’re looking like a boiled lobster! To relieve that burning feeling, we grab cold compresses, aloe gel, anything to ease the pain! And it does help, in the short term. But our skin has been dehydrated and, to prevent peeling, it must be moisturized. If you don’t have an after-sun lotion handy, use this recipe to soothe your skin with a creamy, refreshing lotion composed of 50%…