• how to keep the scent of your homemade soap
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    How to prevent scent from fading in homemade soaps

    Has this ever happened to you? A month ago, you made a divine, summer-scented soap. But now that your soap has cured, your wonderful coconut-orange-pineapple creation smells like… nothing at all! It’s not always easy to keep your homemade soaps smelling strong. A number of influencing factors may cause scent to fade, if not disappear, over time. Luckily, there are solutions! That’s why we decided to put our many years of soapmaking to good use and share all our secrets for making scented soap and preventing that scent from fading! Trick #1: Use the right scents in your homemade soap. There are three kinds of notes in perfumery: Top notes,…

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    Rainbow melt and pour soap

    How to make rainbow soap? Sometimes you want to make a few special soaps to offer as gifts or to fill the little basket in your guest bathroom. A good way to give your imagination free rein and create a work of art is to take advantage of the simplicity of glycerin soaps. To learn more about glycerin soap, click here. To have some fun with colours, we decided to show you a layered soap reminiscent of a rainbow – both the one in the sky and the one on the gay pride flag. A few tips and tricks Begin by assembling all the tools and ingredients needed to make…

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    A day at the spa – without leaving home!

    How to have a spa day at home? We can’t remind you enough of the importance of taking time for yourself, if only to make your own products and use them! Today we suggest you treat yourself to a day at the spa – without leaving the comfort of your home. In the privacy of your own home, you can create the environment of your dreams: complete silence or relaxing music, a candle or candles for a soothing flame or a bewitching scent, soft light or complete darkness, or an enchanting blend of essential oils wafting through the house. Do this alone if you need to shut out the world…