• soap recipe with melt and pour
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    Meet Sweet Treats, DIY soaps that look like candy!

    An easy soap recipe that your whole family will love Once upon a time, there were two little red-and-white candies named Sweet Treats. With their round shape, pretty pattern, and minty scent, they made everyone’s mouths water! But Sweet Treats weren’t like other candies… No one was allowed to eat them! Saddened, the Sweet Treats asked themselves over and over what they were good for. Luckily, the Coop Coco fairy heard them and explained everything. “Oh, Sweet Treats, you’re not candy. You’re homemade soap!” That’s how they finally came to understand that their job wasn’t to delight taste buds, but to wash the sticky hands of anyone who has eaten…

  • deodorant maison
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    You can Touch the Sky with this deodorant recipe

    Don’t let active days scare you away! Getting to work, making sure the little ones put their shoes on properly, chasing after the cat to give it its medicine, watering the plants, running errands, tidying the coffee table that becomes cluttered the second you look away… Every day is full, needless to say! To tackle it all without unpleasant underarm odour, we need to be well equipped. That’s why we came up with this homemade deodorant recipe! Touch the Sky was formulated to respect your skin and body. Baking soda-free, this homemade cream deodorant cares for very sensitive underarms while effectively combatting odours. All it takes is a pea-sized amount…

  • homemade glass cleaner
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    “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” glass and mirror cleaner

    How to make homemade window cleaner? Spattered by rain drops, streaked by dust, and besmirched by tiny fingers, our mirrors and windows take a beating throughout the year. But with just two ingredients and a few swipes with a soft cloth, you can once again enjoy the sun’s rays shining through your windows and mirrors reflecting your inner and outer beauty. Ingredients 120 ml (1/2 cup) isopropyl alcohol 120 ml (1/2 cup) water (demineralized or tap) Utensils Measuring cup Funnel 1 240 ml cosmo bottle with mister Steps to follow Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace. Measure or weigh water and alcohol. Using the funnel, pour water and alcohol…

  • spray naturel contre les moustiques
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    You’ll love our natural mosquito spray!

    The mosquitoes won’t love you anymore with “Bugs Be Gone” spray This bug spray is a natural mosquito repellent. It’s very practical, as it can be misted over skin, clothes, or hair. We came up with two versions—the more concentrated is designed for adults (12.8% essential oil) and the less concentrated (8.5%) is designed for children ages 3 and up—so you can make natural bug sprays for the whole family! Don’t hesitate to take it with you everywhere you go. As you’ll see, this homemade bug spray will become a must for summer. How to make a mosquito-repellent spray? Ingredients Ingredients Adult version Kid’s version (ages 3 and up or…

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    Let’s celebrate spring with a floral mist!

    Upon looking outside it might be difficult to believe, but the calendar confirms it: this month, spring will arrive. We’ve been doing our part to give spring a helping hand. We’re dusting off the bottles of floral essential oils and aromatic essences and we’ve managed to create some spring ambiance around here. Here’s a recipe that we created to help you do the same. How to make home fragrance? Utensils Bottle, blue PETE with mister 120ml Pipettes 3ml for essential oils Funnel Ramekins Small bowl Whisk 0.1 gram precision scale or measuring beaker Ingredients 24 ml (23g) of hydrosol or demineralized water 84 ml (70g) of isopropyl alcohol 70% 12 ml…