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    How to prevent scent from fading in homemade soaps

    Has this ever happened to you? A month ago, you made a divine, summer-scented soap. But now that your soap has cured, your wonderful coconut-orange-pineapple creation smells like… nothing at all! It’s not always easy to keep your homemade soaps smelling strong. A number of influencing factors may cause scent to fade, if not disappear, over time. Luckily, there are solutions! That’s why we decided to put our many years of soapmaking to good use and share all our secrets for making scented soap and preventing that scent from fading! Trick #1: Use the right scents in your homemade soap. There are three kinds of notes in perfumery: Top notes,…

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    Lather up a bit of summer with this Refreshing Watermelon

    A homemade soap recipe as sweet and sunny as summer The great thing about soapmaking is that you can give free rein to your imagination, creating unique soaps to suit your heart’s desires. The idea for this recipe came to us in the dead of winter, when the white landscapes, grey skies, and barren trees left us craving a little slice of summer… And so our Refreshing Watermelon Soap was born! Thanks to this decorative handmade soap, you can switch seasons for a few instants. We’re particularly fond of its beautiful and refreshing colours, plus it smells so delicious you’ll feel like biting into it—which is obviously not recommended! With…

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    Fig, almond, and honey soap “Holiday Fest »

    How to make a nice and sweet cold process soap? At Coop Coco, we never miss the chance to get together for a good meal – or to talk about food for hours on end. So when we’re concocting recipes, food is never far from our thoughts. Our “pumpkin pie” soap and lip balm flavours are proof of that. (Not to mention our receptionist, who seems to be munching on something tasty every time we walk past her desk!) Today, as a special treat, we’re offering you our recipe for a mouth-watering “dessert soap”: a luscious dish with a bewitching oriental fragrance worthy of the finest holiday table. Just follow…

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    Rainbow melt and pour soap

    How to make rainbow soap? Sometimes you want to make a few special soaps to offer as gifts or to fill the little basket in your guest bathroom. A good way to give your imagination free rein and create a work of art is to take advantage of the simplicity of glycerin soaps. To learn more about glycerin soap, click here. To have some fun with colours, we decided to show you a layered soap reminiscent of a rainbow – both the one in the sky and the one on the gay pride flag. A few tips and tricks Begin by assembling all the tools and ingredients needed to make…