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    Meet Sweet Treats, DIY soaps that look like candy!

    An easy soap recipe that your whole family will love Once upon a time, there were two little red-and-white candies named Sweet Treats. With their round shape, pretty pattern, and minty scent, they made everyone’s mouths water! But Sweet Treats weren’t like other candies… No one was allowed to eat them! Saddened, the Sweet Treats asked themselves over and over what they were good for. Luckily, the Coop Coco fairy heard them and explained everything. “Oh, Sweet Treats, you’re not candy. You’re homemade soap!” That’s how they finally came to understand that their job wasn’t to delight taste buds, but to wash the sticky hands of anyone who has eaten…

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    “Say it with soap » soap

    How to make a romantic soap? Ah, love! So many beautiful works have been written in its name! The love of parents for their children and of children for their parents, brotherly love, the love of best friends and soul mates: endless inspiration for novelists, poets, painters, musicians, and even soap makers! Make it and give it with all your heart because, honestly: who doesn’t need love? A beautiful soap made with love, in the name of love, for all those times you don’t have the words to say “I love you”. Before you start Read the recipe all the way through to familiarize yourself with the steps. The recipe…