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    Everything you need to know about hydrosols

    Wanting to know more about hydrosols? Hydrosols are amazing products with many benefits. They can be used alone as part of your beauty routine, and they can also be incorporated into recipes for creams, shampoo, eyeliner, and more. Hydrosols—also called floral waters, essential waters, or herbal distillates—have been around for a long time. As far back as Ancient Egypt, they were used for their skin benefits and properties. It’s said that Cleopatra was particularly fond of rose hydrosol! We get a lot of questions about them: how to use hydrosols, how they’re made, what their benefits are… So we decided to dedicate a special feature just to hydrosols. Now you…

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    Morning foam facial cleanser

    How to make cleansing foam? I glow, you glow, we glow, YOU all glow. In just, let’s say, 30 minutes: the time it takes to make this foaming cleanser and use it. Used each morning to deep cleanse your skin, this foaming cleanser will give you a healthy glow. Ingredients 82 g (85.8%) orange blossom hydrosol or chamomile hydrosol 8 g (8.4%) vegetable glycerin 5 g (5.2%) coco betaine 0,6 g (0.6%) geogard Tools 2 50 ml foam pump bottles Scale accurate to 0.1 g. Ramekin Funnel Manual whisk Bowl Steps to follow Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace. Weigh and place the coco betaine, the glycerin, and the…

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    Biphasic eye makeup remover

    For many weeks, we have been busy developing a mineral makeup workshop. After trying the new creations on a few employees, we eventually had to clean them up. Here is the the makeup remover we used to make them fresh, clean and soft again. Make sure to shake vigorously before each use in order to incorporate the two phases. Apply the cleanser with a cotton pad. This product will remove waterproof make-up, even on the most sensitive eyes. It will also protect your skin against moisture loss and prevent damage caused by dryness. How to make eye make-up remover Utensils 50ml graduated cylinder ou mini measuring beakers Bowl Mini mixer…