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    Jack of all Soaps: The homemade cleansing base that does it all!

    A homemade cleansing base for everyone and everything! There’s someone new at Coop Coco, and his name is Jack! He adapts to everyone’s needs and helps out with everything around here… That’s how he got his nickname! But who is Jack, exactly? This Jack of all trades is in fact a Jack of all Soaps: an all-in-one cleansing base recipe! Made with very gentle ingredients, Jack of all Soaps can be used to wash your body, face, and hair—even if you have sensitive skin. Thanks to its neutral formula, you can also customize your all-in-one homemade cleansing base to your liking! You can add essential oils and other agents or…

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    Express hand cleanser gel

    How to make hand cleanser gel? Your mom was right: nothing beats soap and water for washing your hands. But sometimes there’s no water available, and it’s useful to have some soap “on hand” that doesn’t need rinsing! Today, we’re sharing with you our recipe for hand sanitizing gel. It doesn’t take up much space, so you can keep it readily available (pocket, back pack, or office drawer), and it doesn’t need rinsing, so it’s practical for use after your yoga class, on walks or hikes, or on picnics. Ingredients 72 g (58,4%) 70% isopropyl alcohol 48 g (39%) demineralized water 2 g (1.6%) cellulose gum 1.2 g (1%) rosemary…