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    What could Cleopatra’s Secret be?

    Some secrets are too good to keep! Who hasn’t heard of Cleopatra? Not only did the Queen of Ancient Egypt shape her own era, but her story has endured over the centuries. She’s famed for her vast intellect and her sharp, strategic mind—and also her unparalleled beauty. Even her daily baths are legendary! So today, we’re sharing Cleopatra’s Secret with you: a milk bath recipe for soft, happy skin. Although Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk, we decided to make our homemade milk baths with all-vegan ingredients for a beautifully scented, relaxing soak! We even concocted three different formulas, so whether you’re looking for something tender, reinvigorating, or ultra-relaxing, we’ve got…

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    Face butter/clay bar

    Recipe for calendula, oatmeal, ginger, and bergamot face bar Steps to follow Scale Ramekins Double boiler 2 pipettes Whisk Silicone mold Ingredients 20 g (9.7%) of cocoa butter 24 g (11.7%) de kokum butter 40 g (19.4%) of shea butter 30 g (14.6%) of ghassoul clay 30 g (14.6%) of yellow clay 25 g (12.1%) of castor oil 14 g (6.8%) of calendula maceration 20 g (9.7%) of oatmeal 1 g (0.5%) of ginger Zingiber officinalis essential oil 1.5 g (0.7%) of bergamot Citrus bergamiaessential oil 0.5 g (0.2%) of calendula flowers Calendula officinalis Steps to follow 1. Weigh the ingredients. 2. Melt the butters in the double boiler. 3.…