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Making candles: Choosing the wax

Making candles: choose wax

Wax is the principal ingredient in candles, and there are several different types and colours. Here’s a brief overview.


Historically, candles were made with paraffin, and customers sometimes ask us for it. But paraffin is made from oil and is harmful to both humans and the environment. That’s why we don’t sell it and recommend other options.


Beeswax is now the most popular choice. It comes in both yellow and white, yellow beeswax is the natural product obtained from the honeycomb, and white beeswax has been lightened with white clay. The properties are exactly the same, so choose white wax if you’re planning to colour your candles.

Cire d'abeille jaune

Beeswax can be purchased in two forms: blocks or pellets. Pellets are easier to use and measure. Blocks of wax must be cut or grated to obtain the desired quantity, a sometimes difficult and messy process.

Cire d'abeille

At our store, we sell beeswax pellets in bulk, so you can buy the exact amount you need.

The “vegan” alternative

Plant (or vegetable) wax is an excellent choice for those wishing to make so-called “vegan” candles (no animal ingredients). There are many kinds of plant wax: in our store, you’ll find candelilla, carnauba and soy wax. Candelilla and carnauba work well when mixed with other waxes. They are hard waxes, so candles burn longer. Here are the waxes you can use, depending on the type of candle you want to make :


Measuring wax

To determine how much wax you’ll need, place your mold or empty container on a scale, press the zero or tare key, and fill the container with water. The water’s weight in grams will tell you how much wax to melt. A useful tip!

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