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Old-fashioned rinse water

Rinse waterHow to make rinse water for shiny water

This recipe is inspired by a recipe for rose petal vinegar that was popular in the 19th century.

Rose petal vinegar was a “vinaigre de toilette,” or toilet vinegar, used by nineteenth-century dandies (yes, like lavender essential oil, rose petal vinegar was considered a male beauty product in those days!). Toilet vinegars were used as personal cleansing products for hair and body and also as colognes.

We’ve adapted the recipe to suit more contemporary tastes and for use as a hair rinse. Either lavender or rose petals can be macerated.



Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Measure the rose petals and the apple cider vinegar.
  3. Place the rose petals in a mason jar large enough to hold both the petals and the vinegar. Do not pack down..
  4. Slowly and gradually pour the apple cider vinegar over the rose petals. The petals will float, so gently push them down with the wood or plastic spoon before adding more vinegar.
  5. Make sure that the petals are well soaked, adding more vinegar if necessary; they must be completely covered.
  6. Screw on the lid and set aside to macerate for three weeks in a cool, dry place (inside the pantry, for example).
  7. After three weeks, the liquid should be a pretty pink colour. Filter, pressing the petals to make sure you squeeze out all the macerated vinegar.
  8. Pour the vinegar into the bottles and add the demineralized water.


Use the rinse water after shampooing. After you rinse off the shampoo, apply a generous amount of rinse water to your hair, then rinse again with clear water before applying any other products, such as conditioner.

By the way, bar shampoos have a high pH, but hair prefers more acidic pH levels. So using rinse water not only returns the hair to its more natural pH range but also removes the shampoo residue, leaving your hair shiny.

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