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Say Bye-Bye Make-up with this recipe for gel make-up remover

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Take care of your skin with this DIY make-up remover

If there’s one thing we’re tempted to skip at night, it’s taking off our make-up… And yet, it’s too important for our skin’s health for us to forget this step! To give yourself a little reminder, why not make your own homemade make-up remover?

Bye-Bye Make-up removes every kind of cosmetic easily and efficiently—and it’s safe for the eyes. With its customizable scent, this make-up remover recipe is pleasant to use and adds a nice touch to your evening routine. It frees your skin from all traces of make-up along with any impurities that have built up over the day. We think you’ll agree that this easy, vegan make-up remover is an ideal way to freshen your complexion!

Thanks to Bye-Bye Make-up, there’s no excuse to skip taking off your make-up before going to sleep.

How to make your own make-up remover?

Before you begin

This recipe calls for two products with extreme pHs: lactic acid and decyl glucoside. It’s therefore important to take the necessary precautions when following this recipe—namely, wearing gloves and safety glasses.


how to make makeup remover

Aqueous phase

Oil phase

Cooling phase


Good to know!

We advise against swapping ingredients in this recipe, as doing so can reduce the product’s effectiveness (texture, shelf life, etc.).

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the demineralized water in the first bowl and set on a pot to make a double boiler. Heat until the water reaches a temperature of 70-80°C.
  3. In the first ramekin, weigh the guar gum and glycerin. Dissolve to remove any potential clumps.
  4. Add this mixture to the water to make the aqueous phase.recipe for natural makeup remover
  5. In the second double boiler, weigh the ingredients for the oil phase (castor oil, caprylis oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, and emulsifying wax NF). Heat to 70-80°C.easy and vegan makeup remover
  6. In a second ramekin, weigh the ingredients for the cooling phase: decyl glucoside, lactic acid, preservatives (grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E), and the aromatic essence.
  7. When the aqueous and oil phases have reached 70-80°C, add the oil phase to the aqueous phase and emulsify with the mini mixer. Place the bowl in a cold-water bath to accelerate the process.making makeup remover
  8. When the emulsion has cooled to 45°C, add the cooling phase. Continue to mix for a few seconds to ensure everything is well mixed.
  9. Pour the mixture into a Ziploc-style bag.
  10. Cut off the corner of the bag and use it to fill the Cosmo bottle with the mixture. Alternatively, you can fill the bottle using the funnel. There you have it! Your homemade make-up remover is ready.making your own makeup remover

Use and conservation

Apply make-up remover with a cotton pad, including to the eye area. Once your make-up is removed, rinse your face with a gentle cleanser or our “Écume de jour” foaming cleanser. If you would rather not use a cotton pad, you can apply the make-up remover directly with your hands, gently massaging it onto damp skin with your fingers.

This gel make-up remover will keep for 3 months.

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