Say “Tube Be Gone” with this DIY solid toothpaste

faire du dentifrice solide

Affordable, practical, and environmentally friendly… What more could we ask for? A homemade solid toothpaste? What a wild idea! And yet, why not? After our solid shaving soap, shampoo bars, and dish soap, it seemed perfectly logical and interesting to … Continue reading

Get ready for summer with Bright One, a DIY body cream

comment faire une crème pour le corps

Brighten your days with Bright One! Like many of you, the Coop Coco team has been awaiting summer with unbridled enthusiasm. Incidentally, we dreamt up this recipe on a freezing day in February when we were missing the sun and … Continue reading

Eye Love This DIY eye cream!

faire son contour des yeux

The look of love… is around your eyes! Just a simple look can melt hearts, make people laugh, or convey every emotion from happiness to fear. But the skin around those wondrous eyes is so thin and delicate! Fortunately, a … Continue reading

Sensitive skin loves a Touch of Oats cream

comment fabriquer une crème pour peau sensible

Care for your sensitive skin with Touch of Oats Everyone with sensitive skin knows how tricky it can be to manage. Indeed, this skin type tends to sting or prickle at even the slightest irritation (such as temperature changes or … Continue reading

This Slice of Sun infuses your linens with a natural summery scent

cire parfumée pour placard

Breathe in the sweet scent of summer… by opening your closet! Just imagine: You crack open your wardrobe to find a lovely little orange tree. Its pleasing leaves brighten up the space, and the gentle scent of blossoms and oranges … Continue reading