Save your skin with Help 4 Hands, a DIY hand cream!

recette de crème pour les mains

A vegan hand cream recipe to soften damaged skin Are your hands just as soft as your old, rough dish scrub? Do you hesitate to hold your other half’s hand for fear of injuring them? Do you ever gaze at … Continue reading

Fetching fingertips? Nailed It!

A homemade nail serum for handsome hands Are you looking to feel good all the way to your fingertips? Why not concoct a homemade nail care treatment that will not only leave them shining, but also stronger and smoother? Read … Continue reading

Express hand cleanser gel

How to make hand cleanser gel? Your mom was right: nothing beats soap and water for washing your hands. But sometimes there’s no water available, and it’s useful to have some soap “on hand” that doesn’t need rinsing! Today, we’re … Continue reading

Gardener’s salve

Summer has finally arrived, and many of us are busy working in our private or community gardens. As enjoyable and healthy as that can be, however, it’s not without its minor annoyances such as cuts and scrapes. No doubt you’ll … Continue reading

“Green thumb” gardener’s soap

Sure to be a hit with community gardeners and do-it-yourselfers everywhere! We found that our own hands were often dirtied or damaged by our various physical activities, so we created a soap that cleanses, “scrubs,” and repairs. It was originally … Continue reading