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    Brighten your days with Bright One, a DIY body cream!

    Get ready for summer with Bright One. Like many of you, the Coop Coco team has been awaiting summer with unbridled enthusiasm. Incidentally, we dreamt up this recipe on a freezing day in February when we were missing the sun and summer particularly acutely. And so, from gloom, cold, and snow, a Bright One was born: a homemade summer body cream! Thanks to this cream’s beta-carotene-rich ingredients, radiant skin is on its way. This body cream recipe was designed to give your skin a healthy glow and to get it ready for sun exposure. Plus, with its added mica, it seems to reflect light. Just what you need for a…

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    Purrrfect balm: For when you need a little post-workout pampering!

    Adopt the “purrrfect” reflex after all your sports sessions Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an active person, a yogi or a serious athlete, you know it’s essential to be properly equipped. No doubt you pay special attention to wearing just the right shoes and clothing. But don’t forget: it’s just as important to take care of your most important equipment – your body! This balm’s hot/cold effect on the skin makes it ideal for use after any intense athletic activity and by daredevils who sometimes push their body just a bit too far. Massaged into the skin, it will quickly become indispensable! With Purrrfect balm by your side, you’ll soon…

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    “Go with the glow”: shimmering moisturizing gel

    How to make shimmer cream? Healthy, well-hydrated skin has a glow all of its own, but sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can help. That’s why we created this recipe for moisturizing gel and added some SHIMMER! Whatever the occasion, whatever the season, you can decide just how much you want to shimmer thanks to the discreet satin finish of this moisturizing gel. It contains baobab oil, which helps to repair dry skin, and willow bark extract, a preservative that smoothes the skin and reduces the signs of ageing. This recipe smells like vacation! It was created one fine summer’s day while we were dreaming of hot beaches,…

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    Homemade sensual exfoliating gels

    Each recipe makes enough to fill one 120 ml. tottle bottle Tools Scale accurate to 0.1g 1 tottle bottle 1 stainless steel bowl “Strawberry jam” version 50 g (96%)  basic oily gel 1 drop of red colorant (optional) 1 g (1.9%) blueberry or cranberry seeds 1 g (1.9%) strawberry aromatic essence 0,1 g (0.2%) ou 5 drops rosemary cineole essential oil – Rosemarinus officinalis ct cinéole Method and use: mix together all ingredients and use as face or body scrub “Coffee break” version 50 g (96.7%) basic oily gel 1,5 g (2.9%) ground coffee 0,2 g (0.4%) coffee essential oil – Coffea arabica (optional) Method and use: mix together all…

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    What can you do with sucragel? The possibilities are endless!

    An exciting new ingredient has just arrived at Coop Coco! It’s called sucragel! How to use sucragel? Sucragel is a whole new kind of emulsifier. Glycerine-based, it’s used cold and can be used to create a variety of intriguing textures! Oily gel, for example, is composed of 20% sucragel and 80% vegetable oil. With such a high percentage of oil (and no aqueous phase), you might expect the final result to be oily and not much fun to use. Far from it! If you make the effort to achieve a successful emulsion, you can create a wonderful translucent gel that turns milky on contact with water. It leaves no oily…