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    Bentonite clay bath

    How to make a bentonite clay bath? Run a hot bath, then add between one and four cups of bentonite. Stir with a whisk. Place candles around the tub. When the clay is smoothly distributed in the water, add cold water until it reaches a comfortable temperature. Relax in the glow of the candles for 15 to 20 minutes. And that’s all! A relaxing bath worthy of a spa! Thoroughly rinse your skin and the bathtub. After your bath, moisturize well with your favourite cream, lotion, or body butter.

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    Milk baths for all occasions

    As the outdoor temperature plumets below zero˚C, snowflakes announce the perfect time to carve 15 minutes out of your day for a warm skin nourishing and relaxing bath. Here are two bath recipes to inspire you, and to personalise as seen fit. With the holidays around the corner this recipe, tripled or even quadrupled, makes for a perfect gift. Offer the gift of wellbeing this year. How to make milk baths Softening Milk Bath Ingredients 30 g (57.3%) of colloidal oatmeal 10 g (19.1%) of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) 12 g (22.9%) of argan oil (or other vegetable oil) 0.4 g (0.8%) of Ho Wood essential oil 2-5 drops of…

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    How to make Bathtime salts?

    Learn how to make your own relaxing bath salts Whether you’ve had a bad day or you just want a moment to relax, taking a bath is always THE right answer—especially once winter hits. But what could make it even more enjoyable?? Why not try one of our recipes for handmade bath salts! Bath salts are very relaxing, easy to make, and will undoubtedly become one of your favourite products… They’re definitely one of ours! These recipes have the advantage of being entirely customizable! In other words, you can tailor them to your own liking. Do you feel like woodsy scents for a nature escape? A lively, fruity aroma with…