“Pumpkin pie » soap

Pumpkin pie soap

Pumpkin pie soap

Mmmmm, can you smell that? No? Imagine this scene: you’ve just spent a few hours hiking in the woods, dead leaves crunching under your feet. It’s a brisk fall day, and a cool wind has been blowing in your face. You return home with rosy cheeks, ready for a bite to eat. When you push open the door, you’re met by a cozy feeling of warmth, and a few seconds later a sweet, spicy fragrance tantalizes your nostrils: a welcoming aroma is wafting from the kitchen. Your nose guides you to the luscious pumpkin pie that’s waiting just for you, and you cut yourself a slice (or two)…

Unfortunately, we’re much more at home cooking up cosmetics than culinary creations, but with a little creativity (and a big sweet tooth, we admit), it’s possible to combine the two. Here’s a recipe for “pumpkin pie” soap for you to make and share with your friends and family.




Caustic solution Solid oils and butters
  • 116g of sodium hydroxide
  • Oils Superfatting
    Colorants Scents
    • 1g of clove powder
    • 2g of titanium dioxide
    • 60g of pumpkin puree. Fresh or canned without additives.

    Ingrédients pour le savon Tarte à la citrouille

    Steps to follow

    First of all, take a few minutes to read these safety precautions for using lye.

    Put on your gloves, your safety goggles, and your apron. Clear your workspace, shoo away the children and the animals, and get started!

    1. Using a scale, weigh the lye (sodium hydroxide, NaOH) and the water (don’t measure by volume). Slowly add the lye to the water, being careful not to spill any. Stir until the liquid becomes clear again. Set the mixture aside until it returns to room temperature. This can take an hour or two. Ideally, this mixture should be prepared ahead of time: the day or the morning before.

    2. Weigh and measure all the ingredients.

    3. In the double boiler, melt the solid oils. Pour the liquid oils into a container. Add the melted solid oils to the liquid oils and mix. Let cool.

    Savon tarte à la citrouille: faire fondre les huiles solides

    4. In the double boiler again, melt the shea butter and the mango butter. This will be the superfat oil.

    5. In a measuring cup, mix the titanium dioxide with a teaspoon of superfat oil. Set aside.

    Savon tarte à la citrouille: titane et huile de surgraissage

    6. Once the lye mixture has cooled to room temperature, add it to the oil mixture and blend with a mixing arm until you reach light trace. Add the superfat and mix again.

    7. Separate the mixture into two measuring cups: about 500 ml in one and about 700ml in the other

    Savon tarte à la citrouille: séparez en deux

    In the cup with 500 ml, add the diluted titanium dioxide (step 5). Stir using the mixing arm. In the cup with 700 ml, add the pumpkin purée and stir. You’ll have to work quickly with this mixture because the pumpkin purée speeds up trace.

    Savon tarte à la citrouille: purée de citrouille et titane

    8. In a small container, mix the essential oils and the aromatic essences. Pour half of this fragrance blend into the cup containing 700 ml (the one with the pumpkin purée) and mix. Fill half of the soap mould with this mixture, setting a little aside for step 10.

    9. Add the other half of the fragrance blend to the other measuring cup (the one with the titanium dioxide) and mix. Pour part of this mixture into the mould to create a light marbling effect. Set aside a small amount for the top layer.

    10. Pour in the remaining pumpkin mixture and marble lightly using the stem of the thermometer.

    11. Add the ground cloves to the remaining titanium dioxide mixture and stir. Use a spatula to help you pour it into the mould.

    12. Lightly tap the mould on the table to make sure it is firmly packed. Place a row of anis star pods along the top. When cut, each slice of soap will have a star.

    Savon tarte à la citrouille: finition avec l'étoile d'anis

    13. After a few seconds, when the soap has begun to harden, use the end of the thermometer to create a raised design.

    14. Leave to harden for 24 hours, then slice the soap, making sure there is a star on each bar. Allow to cure in a dry place for four weeks.

    Wrap it up, give it away, and enjoy!

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