Survive the season with N’ice Cream, a DIY cream for winter!

Crème visage maison

Thanks to this homemade face cream, there’s no need to fear winter! Oh winter… It evokes so many things: Snowball fights, days spent happily skidding down ski hills, hot chocolate enjoyed under a cozy flannel blanket… but also reddened, tight … Continue reading

Happy Mien: Your perfect day cream for summer

crème visage maison

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the happiest mien of all?! As summer approaches and warm, beautiful days return, now is a good time to rethink our skincare routines! In winter, we need a protective cream that is rich … Continue reading

Sensual exfoliating gels

Each recipe makes enough to fill one 120 ml. tottle bottle Utensils Scale accurate to 0.1g 1 tottle bottle 1 stainless steel bowl   How to fill the bottle 1. Take a Ziploc-type plastic bag, open it, and place it … Continue reading