Purrrfect balm: For when you need a little post-workout pampering!

recette pour baume sportif

Adopt the “purrrfect” reflex after all your sports sessions Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an active person, a yogi or a serious athlete, you know it’s essential to be properly equipped. No doubt you pay special attention to wearing just … Continue reading

“Go with the glow”: shimmering moisturizing gel

Healthy, well-hydrated skin has a glow all of its own, but sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can help. That’s why we created this recipe for moisturizing gel and added some SHIMMER! Whatever the occasion, whatever the season, … Continue reading

Sensual exfoliating gels

Each recipe makes enough to fill one 120 ml. tottle bottle Utensils Scale accurate to 0.1g 1 tottle bottle 1 stainless steel bowl   How to fill the bottle 1. Take a Ziploc-type plastic bag, open it, and place it … Continue reading

Soothing after-sun lotion (No need to call the fire department!)

After a long, cold winter, when the first glorious rays of sun begin to boost our spirits, we can’t wait to start soaking them up. We forget to slather on the sunscreen and, before we know it, we’re looking like … Continue reading