Don’t be Knotty! Try out a homemade detangler

fabriquer du démêlant pour cheveux

Say goodbye to knots and hello to smooth hair! Are the knots in your hair making your life difficult? Has your hairbrush become your worst nightmare? Are you hesitating to even nod your head for fear of creating yet another … Continue reading

Heavenly Hammock: A dreamy homemade soap in full colour

rainbow soap

Hold the whole rainbow with this homemade soap recipe For some, a rainbow is a passage to another world. For others, it hides a pot of gold. Some even think that marvellous unicorns and ponies roam it to reach their … Continue reading

You can Touch the Sky with this deodorant recipe

deodorant maison

Don’t let active days scare you away! Getting to work, making sure the little ones put their shoes on properly, chasing after the cat to give it its medicine, watering the plants, running errands, tidying the coffee table that becomes … Continue reading

Baby Beary Lotion cares for our little ones’ skin

lotion maison pour bébé

Share a tender moment with this homemade baby lotion Teddy bears are so comforting to babies. They bring the wee ones everyday company, softness, and protection from the bad things in life. These little stuffed heroes inspired our new recipe: … Continue reading

Summer cream countdown in 3, 2, 1… Sun!

homemade cream for the sun

Greet the sun with this cream recipe! Get ready! The sun is here, and it’s shining high and bright! But to enjoy it with an easy mind, a suitable product is needed… So we’ve come up with a special homemade … Continue reading