Three tricks for making a white vegetable-based soap

Comment faire un savon blanc

Coop Coco reveals our team’s tips and tricks for achieving a white soap. You’d like to make a white soap but don’t know how? You’ve tried, and despite your best efforts, it never has that pretty light hue you’re looking … Continue reading

Rainbow melt and pour soap

Savon Arc-en-ciel - Rainbow soap

Sometimes you want to make a few special soaps to offer as gifts or to fill the little basket in your guest bathroom. A good way to give your imagination free rein and create a work of art is to … Continue reading

7 alternatives to microbeads

7 alternatives aux microbilles / 7 alternatives to microbeads

Have you heard the latest news? The United States has come to a decision about microbeads: as of now, they’re banned in rinse-off cosmetics. The problem Microbeads are tiny plastic balls used in many cosmetics for exfoliating or cleansing. When … Continue reading