Truffle bath melts

Truffes de bain fondantes - Truffle bath melts

As we do every year, a few weeks ago we began wondering what recipe to offer you for Valentine’s Day. We quickly concluded that love, in all its forms, should be celebrated every single day of the year with the … Continue reading

“Snowballs and confetti” bath bombs

Bombe de bain Boule de neige et confetti

Winter is coming – and bringing with it a host of other things: snow, boots, snow, red noses, snow, the holiday season, snow… That’s right: snow and cold will soon be a big part of our lives – and we’ll … Continue reading

A Simple Bath Bombs Recipe

Comment faire des bombes de bain

Bath bombs provide an easy craft to do with kids, an inexpensive and beautiful homemade gift, and are safe for both you and the environment! Store-bought bath bombs often contain Sodium laureth sulfate and other dangerous chemicals to make them … Continue reading