“Snowballs and confetti” bath bombs

Bombe de bain Boule de neige et confetti

Winter is coming – and bringing with it a host of other things: snow, boots, snow, red noses, snow, the holiday season, snow… That’s right: snow and cold will soon be a big part of our lives – and we’ll … Continue reading

Fig, almond, and honey soap “Holiday Fest”


At Coop Coco, we never miss the chance to get together for a good meal – or to talk about food for hours on end. So when we’re concocting recipes, food is never far from our thoughts. Our “pumpkin pie” … Continue reading

“Hold on to your hat!” detangling milk


The arrival of fall means digging out hats and gloves and curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate! While some dread the loss of summer sunshine, others welcome the crisp autumn days with open arms. But whether you … Continue reading